Demons of the GAP (Part 2)

As a part of our 3rd anniversary celebrations, here we bring out the final part of the crossover comic between the worlds of Inner Demons and GAP

Demons of the GAP (Part 1)

You all have read about the thrilling world of Ana in Inner Demons. You have gone goofy on the adventures of Grandson and Grandpa in GAP. Now what would happen when these worlds meet? Absolute Chaos!!!! Read on to find out!!! The finale would be released on our 3rd Anniversary, 14th April to culminate one…

LITTLE EFFORTS – All it takes!!

Sanya is a not a cliche’ girl you would find in today’s time. Yet one major flaw is she doesn’t get along with her mom!! Read on to find out where the little efforts takes you to!!

GAP 4 – Pieces of the past

Left off at the previous confession by Grandpa that he never saw his bride before the wedding, Grandson is not that kind of person who would leave such matters alone…….Read on to find out what happens…

Why should Girls have all the Fun?

In a galaxy near, near away our special correspondent brings in exclusive news on how valentine’s day was celebrated there. Read on to find out more.. Do let us know what do you think in comments! Follow us : Instagram – Doodle Diaries Facebook – Doodle Diaires


Haha, after a long time, our in house writer Shreya is back with a new one shot on the whole hula bola surrounding the valentine’s. Read on to find out!!! Do let us know what do you think in comments! Follow us : Instagram – Doodle Diaries Facebook – Doodle Diaires  

GAP – Modern Love

When Old school meets New gen, sparks are sure to fly. Meet Grandpa and grandson in their latest feature.

Inner Demons ( Finale Ep – The Benumb Muddle Part – 1)

As Ana’s subconscious leads to the killer of Daniel, she has to choose between her mind and her heart. For her mind says Daniel was given justice, where as her heart believes something is amiss. Read on to find out the final chapter of Inner Demons. 

Inner Demons EP 4 ( The Blood Scorpion)

When Ana finds out that she is making the cuts on her body herself, the scorpion has risen. Read on the pen-ultimate episode of INNER DEMONS for the mystery’s closure just got closer!

When God goes viral

These days everyone is hopping on to social media and are trying to join the bandwagon of “Going Viral”. What happens if God decides to take part in this absolute mayhem! Read out to find out 🙂

GAP [Episode 2 -To Gym Or Not To Gym]

When old school meets new gen, sparks are sure to fly. Meet grandfather and his grandson in their second adventure, from the house of Doodle Diaries.