Inner Demons Ep -2 [ The Unexpected Find]

Ana, had a panic attack at the kidnapper’s lair who kidnapped John and Daniel on 14th Feb…What happened to all the three?id 2 1 vklflid 2 2 vhjkl


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  1. I don’t want to play critique here. But I’d like to see a few improvements in the next episode.
    1- Spacing between words is not uniform which gives a visual inconvenience to the readers (at least to me).
    2- Don’t keep it casual. Pay attention while writing character names and there are a few spelling mistakes which suck the charm out of the story (e.g. either at place of neither).

    Enough of suggestions, now the admirable part-
    1- Colored graphics looks great.
    2- Story is enticing and maintains the suspense which drags you to go for the next part. I liked, that suspense of last part was wisely explained at the beginning of this part.

    So, my best wishes to the writer and artist. I’m expecting more fun and adventure in upcoming parts.

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    1. *critic (this is irony :p)

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    2. Thank you for your kind words. We will keep your suggestions in mind for the next episode 🙂

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